Recticel, The passion for Comfort

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We are an international industrial player that wants to make an essential difference in the daily comfort experience of everyone. Relying on our competences and by transforming polyurethane chemistry, we are committed to bring responsible answers to the various challenges and needs of customers and planet. We aim to achieve, in an efficient, sustainable and balanced manner, added value and a steady and profitable growth for all our clients and shareholders.


We generate some 94% of our net sales in Europe. We serve diverse markets whereby we support industrial clients in finding innovative, sustainable solutions by implementing ever more responsible and value-creating products and services. We are organised around four selected application areas: Building Insulation, Bedding, Flexible Foams and Automotive. Although we produce in first instance semi-finished products (Flexible Foams and Automotive), we also manufacture finished products and durable goods for end-users (Bedding and Insulation). .


The wide variety of products of our Flexible Foams division offers product attributes such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting.


In our Bedding division, mattresses, slat bases and box springs are marketed under well-known brand names such as Beka®, Lattoflex®, Literie Bultex®, Schlaraffia®, Sembella®, Superba®, Swissflex®, … and ingredient brands (GELTEX inside®, Bultex®).


Our Insulation division provides high quality thermal insulation products that can immediately be used in building projects and renovations. Our insulation products are marketed under well-known brand and product names: Eurowall®, Powerroof®, Powerdeck®, Powerwall®, Recticel Insulation®...


Our Automotive division emphasises on innovation, technological progress and superior product quality and customer service.


We are headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) and employ on a combined basis (including pro rata share in joint ventures) about 7,598 people in 98 locations across 27 countries, including Asia and the United States. In 2015, we generated combined sales of EUR 1.3 billion (IFRS 11 consolidated sales: EUR 1.0 billion).


Recticel (EuronextTM: REC.BE – Reuters: RECTt.BR – Bloomberg: REC.BB) is listed on the EuronextTM stock exchange in Brussels.