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Corporate Governance

Recticel publishes its Corporate Governance Charter on its website ( in accordance with the requirements of the Belgian Corporate Governance Code 2009. The latest version is dated 25 April 2017. Any interested party can download the Charter there, or request a copy from the company’s registered office. The Charter contains a detailed description of the governance structure and the company’s governance policy.


Recticel uses the Belgian Governance Code of 2009 as reference code, which can be found on the website of the Corporate Governance Committee (


As from the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of 26 May 2015, Recticel complies with all recommendations contained in the reference code.


This chapter contains more factual information regarding corporate governance in general and, the application of the Code during the last financial year in particular.


In accordance with the Belgian Companies Code, the Board of Directors is authorized to undertake all necessary actions to achieve the company’s objective, except those that only the general meeting is authorized to perform by law. The authority granted to the Board of Directors was not further limited in the articles of association.


The terms of reference of the Board of Directors are described in more detail in Recticel’s Corporate Governance Charter.