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Code of Conduct

The Recticel Group finds its origins in what is now Belgium in the 18th century. Over its long history, our group has operated under different names, and has conducted a very wide range of businesses, all over the world. Since the early nineties, our group focused exclusively on the polyurethane foam business, which it developed into four diverse business lines.

Ultimately, our business is built on people and the way they choose to behave in a given situation. Their choices will determine the trust and the reputation our business will generate. It will determine how customers regard our products, how employees regard our work atmosphere, and how our shareholders regard their investment. While a good reputation takes years to build, it can be lost by poor judgment in a few seconds.

Our reputation determines our success, making it arguably the most valuable asset we posses. It needs to be protected at all times, and each one of us has a responsibility in that regard.

Recticel’s image is determined by each one of us acting with integrity at all times. This goes further than building our image and reputation, or avoiding litigation. It is about doing the right thing, acting honestly, and treating all stakeholders fairly and with respect.

Our guidance on this path is the Recticel Code of Conduct. Together with the Business Control Guide, and all related group policies and guidelines, this Code contains the fundamental standards by which we measure ourselves and each other, to ensure we all do the right thing.

With everybody’s help, we will be able to safeguard and further build up the trust we will need, in order to continue and improve our reputation and business success.

The commitments made by Recticel herein are public commitments and our Code of Conduct will consequently be published on the Recticel website to underline our undertaking towards society as a whole.