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External Auditor

The external audit of Recticel SA/NV’s company and consolidated annual accounts has been entrusted by the Annual General Meeting of 2016 to the limited liability cooperative company “DELOITTE Bedrijfsrevisoren”, represented by Mr Kurt DEHOORNE.


The Auditor conducts its audits in accordance with the standards of the Belgian Institute of Company Auditors and delivers a report, which confirms if the company’s annual accounts and the consolidated financial statements of the company reflect a true and fair view of the assets, financial condition and results of the company. The Audit committee investigates and discusses these bi-annual reports in the presence of the Auditor, and afterwards also with the Board of Directors.


The Auditor’s remuneration for the audit of Recticel NV’s annual and consolidated annual accounts intended in article 134, §2 of the Companies’ Code, amounts to EUR 836,600 for 2016. Next to this remuneration, another legal mission was invoiced for an amount of 4,500 EUR.


Details on these compensations are included in the explanatory notes on VOL 6.18.2. in the statutory annual accounts as well as in the explanatory notes in the financial part of the Consolidated Annual report.


The Auditor's mandate was renewed in 2016 and will end after the upcoming Ordinary General meeting of 2019.