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Environmental Care

After evaluation of the consumption of fossil fuels and electricity consumption it can be stated that the business activities of the Group can be categorized as "low to medium carbon intensive".

In spite of this favorable starting point, Recticel perseveres in trying to eliminate any environmental impact or keep it to an absolute minimum. The Group thus focuses its search on production processes which manage natural resources and energy more efficiently. The reduction of waste and carbon dioxide emissions is also high up on the agenda. The Group thus hopes to reduce the burden of business activities on the environment even further as is appropriate within the framework of a sustainable enterprise like Recticel. 

In addition to the environmental goals in the area of production, Recticel is also aiming to develop products which make a positive contribution to sustainable growth due to their intrinsic characteristics. Examples which illustrate this are:

  • The substantial reduction of the weight of cars by the use of lighter materials such as polyurethane results in fuel savings (and consequently lower carbon dioxide emissions).
  • The use of lightweight innovative PU foams to replace heavier metal and wood in furniture. Lighter end products result in lower fuel consumption when they are transported. 
  • The increasing use of polyurethane as thermal insulation in buildings also results in immediate lower energy consumption and thus lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The re-use of cut-offs from the manufacturing process. The recycling of these cut-offs to make new products and applications reduces the volume of waste.