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Business lines

Broadly speaking, Recticel has divided its activities among four different business lines: Flexible Foams, Bedding, Insulation and Automotive. Athough there are significant differences between these various activities, there are also a number of areas where they overlap, which makes the Group into a unique and integrated whole.

Business Line Automotive

The Automotive business line includes the following activities:

RECTICEL AUTOMOTIVE which develops, produces and commercialises interior solutions (dashboard skins and door panel traim) on the basis of the unique, certified Colo-Fast® spray technology.

PROSEAT (a 51/49 joint venture between Recticel and Woodbridge) which produces seating pads in cold moulded foam.

EXTERIORS is a small division which mainly concentrates on the production of the light-stable polyurethane raw material Colo-fast® (compounds).

Business Line Bedding

The Bedding business line focuses on the development, production and the commercialisation of fully finished mattresses, slats and bed bases, and beds in particular. This business line does as a consequence have a distinct business-to-consumer character. There the Group principally wishes to stand out by means of a strong brand policy.

Business Line FlexFoams

The Flexible Foams business activities focus mainly on the production, transformation and commercialization of predominantly semi-finished products in flexible polyurethane foam. Historically, this business line has been the largest within the Group and it consists of three sections today: Comfort, Technical Foams and Composite Foams. The characteristic properties of the foam types, the uniqueness of the production process and/or the typical application options of the foam primarily determine this classification.

Business Line Insulation

The insulation business line concentrates on the production and commercialisation of sustainable thermal insulation material in rigid closed cell polyurethane (PU or PUR) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) for the construction sector. Although it is the smallest in the Group in terms of sales figures, the insulation business line obviously provides the greatest potential for growth today.