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Staff Services

In addition to the business lines and business units, the Group also has an International Headquarter, a central ICT Department and an International Research and Development Centre.

The Group has the following corporate activities in its Headquarters:

Financial Department: besides its basic responsibilities regarding controlling, accounting and consolidation, treasury management, internal financial reporting and taxation also giving its support in the evaluation of investment and divestment projects, mergers and acquisitions. It also supports the overall management.

Legal Department: comprises a wide range of activities which focus fundamentally on the prevention of legal risks and on the defence of the Group when a number of these adverse risks materialise and could potentially harm the Group's interests.

Human Resources and Communications Department: responsible for the salary and bonus policy at Group level, as well as for talent management, internal and external communication and investor relations' events.

Internal Audit Department: contributes to the identification and assessment of the most significant risks for the Group. Via the various operational audits and the ongoing monitoring programme, the Department regularly reviews the risks and at the same time makes the necessary recommendations regarding the approach to them.

Central Purchasing Department: responsible for procuring mainly raw materials and consumables, capital goods, services, etc., which can be purchased mainly at Group level. The Group also works actively on negotiating other important purchases centrally.

ICT Department: mainly provides support to the organisation for the global information systems platform. It not only supervises the harmonisation of the various IT modules, but it is also alert to the strict application of rigorous control systems.

International Development Center: takes care of the research and development of new products, because innovating is of utmost importance for Recticel.