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Human Resources

Human Resources Strategy

Recticel is conscious that success depends to a large extent on the quality, the dedication and the enthusiasm of all its work force. To realize its corporate objectives, Recticel not only wants to attract and maintain the best people, but it also tries to support them in their development within the company. To realise this ambitious plan, Recticel continued and strengthened various human resources’ initiatives and implemented different new HR supporting programs during 2014. All these efforts aim at improving the individual employability, the effectiveness, the personal performance and the professional development of each employee. In addition, these initiatives also allow a better articulation and alignment of the expectations, behaviors, competences, needs and values of the whole organization. All this is taken at heart with the purpose to eventually deliver best-in-class results and to meet Recticel’s global corporate objectives.

In 2015, our Human Resources organization developed the first Group-wide HR strategy, known as the HR Backpack 15-17. It is not only in line with the overall Group strategy, but it also brings support to the execution of the latter. It contains eight strategic pillars.

Articulating the strategy and securing the support of the Management Committee was an important milestone for Recticel.

The strategy was deployed throughout the whole organization in the second half of 2015. Each country and business line devised a customized implementation plan structured along the eight strategic thrusts.

In the course of 2015, focus points in the implementation of our HR policy were:


Compensation and Benefits

During 2015, Recticel decided to implement the Hay job family framework in order to map out and grade white collar jobs across borders and business lines. The target is to inject more clarity and more consistency across the whole organization. The new scheme will not only contribute to better structuring salary and benefit management across the Group, but it will also support succession planning and internal mobility.

In addition, the Group short term incentive scheme, was reviewed. The ratio between collective and personal objectives was adjusted and new collective objectives were identified.


Assess for success

An annual performance appraisal offers managers and employees the opportunity for regular dialogue, which is essential to nurture talents. Recticel’s performance management model provides a platform for discussing an individual’s competency, skills, experience, performance and potential. It also establishes development actions and targets that will help employees achieve professional excellence in their current or future job. Moreover, Recticel particularly emphasizes two-way feedback, since it helps to create a sustainable performance culture.
In 2015, all white collar employees were invited to have a performance appraisal with their manager. More than 94% of appraisals were closed on time and development needs, as well as appropriate actions, for each individual were identified. Performance appraisal results determine the global and country training plans and the offering of the Recticel University.


Develop to become even better

2015 was an important year for our Recticel University. Together with external trainers and Recticel managers, we delivered over 1,000 training days under the umbrella of Recticel University. Approximately 40% of these 1,000 training days were tailor-made for the business lines with a strong focus on lean principles and supply chain management as well as rolling out other business critical processes. Leadership, communication and presentation skills, as well as project management courses, were the most popular modules which were attended by almost 150 managers. Altogether, over 600 Recticel managers and specialists participated into Recticel University development programs in 2015.


Identify future talents

In 2015 we also started a structured People Review process in order to identify candidates to take on roles at the next management or expert level. The process, coordinated at Group level, fosters global, cross-company and cross-functional career planning. It supports succession planning for key positions and helps identifying the skills and competencies that we will need in order to successfully implement our company’s business strategy.
The People Review process covered altogether approximately 400 key positions, including top management, business line management and other key roles. Group HR will support management to prepare a concrete action plan to develop and retain the identified high potentials, both on a global and business line level. High potential action plans will be monitored at management committee level on a quarterly basis.



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