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Social Commitment

As a responsible enterprise Recticel also tries to make its contribution to solutions for social problems which go beyond its pure business nature. In this context, initiatives are usually undertaken on a local level where the sites and/or the employees support certain charities, specific projects and/or local communities. The support given can vary from typical financial contributions to the provision of services and goods for these good causes.



Today Recticel is Platinum Partner of the not-for-profit organization YOUTHSTART. In 2011, Recticel became partner of NFTE, whose mission it is to initiate youth into the world of the entrepreneurship and give them the spirit of the entrepreneur. 

YOUTHSTART tries to revitalize the youth who have had difficulty fitting into the conventional business world or the formal education system. First by identifying an individual’s area of interest, then by developing and preparing a business plan together. This will transform what they like to do into a profitable business venture, while taking into account the reality of the markets. The program focuses on the improvement of academic, business, technological and general life skills. YOUTHSTART aims for youngsters: YOUTHSTART trainers inspire young people and encourage them to create their own business utilizing each of their individual skills and approaches to life. They help them find employment and remain motivated to do their best. Since the startup of NFTE in Belgium in 1998, a total number of classes of 189 was given with 1 884 participants. 91% of those participants completed the program and obtained their certificate. 48% obtained employment or started their own business. Recticel is proud to be able to take up the Platinum partnership, with about 25 other companies.