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Investor relations


The purpose of Recticel's Investor Relations efforts is to to provide the investment, banking and financial community the necessary information it needs by means of press releases, half-year and annual reports, presentations, prospectuses, and so on. These information channels are supplemented by direct communication with financial analysts, shareholders and investors via e-mail alerts, analyst conference calls, group presentations and one-on-one meetings, investor fairs and events, and company visits.

At the same time, the Investor Relations Department monitors the relevant trends on the global and sector equity markets and the markets’ perceptions of the Group. In this respect the key role of the Investor Relations efforts focuses on the management and alignment of market and Group expectations. By doing so, it ensures that investor feedback is correctly communicated to Recticel's top executives and the Board of Directors.

If you have questions about the Recticel share, other Recticel Group securities or Recticel's  broker ratings, feel free to contact our Investor Relations department in Brussels, Belgium.