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Products & activities

Recticel is a leading producer and converter of polyurethane foams for the furniture-, industrial-, insulation- and automotive industries, and a major manufacturer of bedding products. Recticel's management structure is organised by market and country, thus enabling it to anticipate and respond to local customer needs. Recticel sells its Comfort, Technical Foams, Automotive and Insulation products to industrial customers and its comfort engineered Bedding ranges direct to the retail market.

Polyurethanes are condensation polymers, originally produced in 1950 as a by-product of the petrochemical industry. Recticel has played an active part in their production and use for over forty years.

Various types of polyurethane foam formulations can be made:

  • focusing on elasticity and resistance to wear - ideal for cushions, seating and mattresses,
  • with appropriate physical and mechanical properties for use in filters and thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • combining the unique properties of elastomeric materials with the easy workability of polyurethane foams. These are used in a wide range of Automotive industry applications.

The balance between sophisticated products and high ecological responsibility is given priority by RECTICEL. From efficient production to the trend-setting components.